second-hand book buying and selling websites

Are you fond of buying or selling second-hand books online? Whether you want to earn a few euros by getting rid of those copies that you will not read again or if you are looking for discontinued editions or your favorite authors at low prices, there are multiple alternatives on the net to meet your needs.

The Internet has eliminated geographical and temporal barriers, making it possible for you to buy books online from your home or sell those that you no longer want to have, as well as exchange them with other people or give them to literary initiatives. We have compiled a wide series of web pages where you can put literary buying and selling into practice.

11 websites to buy and sell second-hand books

Here is a complete list of second-hand book buying and selling pages. Through them, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for and make your old copies available to other users:


Characterized by its complete search engine, it has a wide selection of books, most of them below five euros, and varied topics for all kinds of readers. It is ideal for finding rarities.


This low-cost book website stands out for its cheap packs of offers. You can find books in perfect condition, a characteristic that they will ask you to put yours up for sale.


It is focused on the purchase and sale of school and educational copies, such as university manuals, language books, or material for examinations. Very useful if you want to get money with those you don’t need or find the textbooks you need at a lower price.


This is a very dynamic platform for selling second-hand books online that allows all users to offer books -as a gift, exchange, or sale- to the rest of the users who access the platform.

Libro Vicio’s

This website is an online bookstore to sell or purchase second-hand paper books. They rescue books from the most unsuspected corners condemned to oblivion, classify them, and put them on sale. Here you can find rare bird or discontinued copies.


It is a digital bookstore designed “by students for students.” They help you manage the sale of second-hand academic books and save with your purchases. If a copy is new they pay you 65% of its amount, and if it is in poor condition up to 45%.

Tik Books

This is a chain of bookstores to buy used and discontinued books. It is in constant circulation since hundreds of books are renewed daily, previously selected, reviewed, and ordered by subject. Prices range between 2 and 2.90 euros. They also have packs of five and ten books.

The University Cloud

It is an online store designed to buy and sell university books, promoting student savings. It is also allowed to sell used teaching material, an ideal option for those who already have degrees.


In this great online store of books, culture, and technology, you can sell your second-hand books through a specific section of the web, among many other objects. Members have a small discount on the commission that the store keeps.


This second-hand sale and purchase website are, along with the Thousand Ads portal, one of the most used in our country, and in it, you can find cheap book deals regularly.


And finally, an altruistic alternative for the online exchange of books. This website encourages you to be part of a community of users who send and receive free used books. The currency of exchange are points that you receive when you send your books, therefore promoting the collaborative and free consumption of used books

Did you know in advance any of these second-hand book buying and selling websites? Without a doubt, it is a fantastic option to promote the consumption and circulation of these precious cultural objects that the electronic format has not succeeded in overshadowing or overthrowing.

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