Police video of the Meredith Kercher crime scene investigation shows obvious procedural errors and an overall lack of control. Dr. Roger Summers, one of the UK’s leading forensic experts, was asked by ITV’s Tonight program to examine this video. He reached the following conclusion with regard to police procedure:

“In nearly 40 years of examining major crime scenes, it ranks among some of the worst that I’ve seen.”

Click here to see how sloppy procedures compromised a key piece of evidence.

The forensic problems in this case go far beyond what happened at the crime scene, however. The police and the prosecutor have misled the press, the public, and the court with regard to both the nature and the significance of the evidence. Here we provide factually supported analysis to address some of the misinformation:

— Who left the footprint on the bathmat?
— Was “mixed blood” found at the crime scene?
— Was there a cleanup after the murder?
— Did luminol reveal bloody footprints in the corridor?