A guide to increase Instagram followers to boost the sale of a freshly launched brand

With great number of Instagram followers, it is easy to create awareness about a new brand launched. Out of all the marketing options, this option to buy cheap Instagram followers is highly economical. Here is a complete guide to increase Instagram followers.

Hire professional photographers : Photographs play the leading role when it comes to making a brand a success. It speaks more than words. One can hire a freelance photographer to creating interesting and intriguing pictures of the product.

Make a way for the Employees to share the official content : Allowing employees to share about the product on Instagram is the fastest way to spread the popularity of the new product.

Hire Influencers : Influencers are key personalities on Instagram with more than 10,000 followers. Therefore, hiring them to share about the new product increases the reach of the product

Live videos : Organize live video sessions that explain about the application, uses, benefits of the product. Make these sessions interactive. This helps to bring in new followers

Tag every post with location : Use appropriate hashtags and incorporate as much information as possible into every post. Adding the location to these tags help to make the content more discoverable. They also help to bring target audience.

Resharing on other social media : Once the strategy on Instagram begins to work and brings in great number of followers, start applying it on other social media platforms as well. This is because Instagram has 100s of millions of users who will follow on other platforms as well.

Link the Instagram account to another social media Bio : Add a link to the Instagram account bios on other social media platforms. This makes it easy for those interested to find the brand on Instagram.

Document the experience to grow Instagram followers in blog posts : With series of blog posts document the experience. This provides great exposure about the product to the target audience.

Create a content calendar : Align the content with the upcoming events. Plan them properly to maintain the curiosity of the audience about the product. For instance, before the launch of the product one can create an ad explaining the applications of the product but keeping the product a surprise. The ad is created as a puzzle!

Monitor competitors : Monitoring the competitors closely help to learn if the strategy is successful. It might also help to gain inspiration from those strategies that are working well. It will also help to avoid strategies that are performing bad

Establish a brand narrative to inform Instagram content : Make a story that helps to communicate about the product to the Instagram users. For instance, Apple produces posts that focus in explaining things for which customers thank Apple products. In due course, it changes the format and subject matter. However, the story remains the same

Use Instagram captions : Create compelling captions. Learn from the great story tellers on Instagram platform. For instance, National Geographic is popular for story telling with magnificent pictures and simple captions

Produce videos that do not need sound : 85% of Instagram users play video without sound. Make sure the videos are engaging without sound. Add captions for the audience to understand.

Experiment with Instagram shopping : Instagram recently unveiled shopping. This allows brands to tag their products for sale on E – commerce platforms. The follower can visit the product web page to make the purchase with a tap.

Include celebrities : Create campaigns involving celebrities. They can also be used as influencers.

Create milestones : Create the small milestones on covering certain numbers of followers. This helps to keep track of the work done

User generate content : Promote user generated content. This is a great way to demonstrate social proof to share compelling content.

Create beautiful visuals : Add visuals to the content posted regularly keeping the identity of the product or brand.

Create a marketing playbook : Create a book that reads dos and don’ts to keep everyone in the team aligned.

Contact successful social media marketers : These marketers can provide good tips to increase the product awareness by bringing in a greater number of followers. They can even be influencers

Spell Check captions : Before posting every content, spell check the captions. This helps to avoid harming the credibility of the account.

Hire artists : Developing a unique content is the key to make a product success. Rather than the product the liking for the concept of the content spreads on Instagram. Therefore, create a unique way to narrate the benefits of the product. One can also hire artists to explain the content through art.

Include humor : A brand large or small earns great magnification if its content is funny

Live events : Create the “fear of missing out” among the potential influencers and followers. This can be achieved through frequent live videos

Maintain the follower/following ratio : Only credible accounts have more followers than following.

Suggested content : This is a new addend on Instagram. This allows to add content directly into some users’ feeds. This helps the marketers to reach the prospective followers easily

Replying to comments : Reply to the comments promptly. Content with high engagements is more distributed across the Instagram platform than the content with less engagement.

Co – marketing to reach new audience : Create partners to reach new potential followers. “Account takeover” is the best way to achieve this.

The above methods are few ways to buy cheap Instagram followers to increase the sale of a newly launched brand.