Reading Habit

When was the last time you saw a child with a non-school book in their hands? It is increasingly difficult for childhood to become fond of reading, but it is possible. Reading has endless benefits, especially if it is a habit that is cultivated from an early age. Reading enhances the imagination, helps the child to learn, to have fun alone, and favors our ability to concentrate.

10 tips to develop a reading habit

To develop children’s interest in reading and help reverse this situation, Brains International School offers a Decalogue of tips to instill and promote a taste for reading at home as well.

1. Freedom of choice.

The child is critical and must be left to select the books he wants to read. The imposition is a bad way to encourage reading. Parents should propose to their children books that feed their curiosity, but at no time can they be prohibited or forced to read one book or another.

2. Do not impose reading.

In this aspect, you have to be assertive and play with the reward to encourage reading. Forcing the child to read a certain time each day will only cause the child to hate reading and not see it as a hobby. Teaching the playful side of books and letting the child access the world of reading on their own feet is the best way to promote their restlessness.

3. Understand reading as a game.

A great difficulty in promoting reading has been that books have always been related to the academic world. Teaching the friendly and playful side of books and letting the child access the world of reading on their own feet is the best way to promote their concern. Reading should be a pleasant act.

4. Read in creative spaces.

It is advisable to put aside the bedroom desk and look for places that feed the imagination. Libraries are an ideal space to read, study, but we cannot forget that parks and other open spaces are also perfect for enjoying a book, always better in parents’ company.

5. Establish a daily routine.

Find a daily space and time for the child to dedicate to reading, such as before going to sleep or just after snack. Creating a habit and making the child link that time to enjoy is the best way to enhance reading.

6. Open the doors to digital reading.

Reading and the digital world are more and more linked every day. With the arrival of tablets and mobiles came interactive books in which children build their history. We must try to adapt to new technologies and consider that paper and electronic ink can coexist perfectly.

7. Encourage enjoyment.

Reading can be seen as a way of enjoyment and the widespread idea that reading is a solitary form of leisure has to be banished. Going on trips to the countryside to read, go to the park or take advantage of Sunday mornings to read together on the sofa are small gestures that both adults and children will enjoy, which will help us encourage reading at home. The example is the best way to promote the reading of the little ones.

8. Take an interest in their reading.

The best way to get involved in our children’s readings is to be proactively interested in their favorite titles, characters, and genres. Taking an interest in their readings, we encourage our children to continue reading and to feel appreciated.

9. Boost your imagination by encouraging you to write your own stories.

With reading, the imagination is triggered and the best way to give way to this creativity is by encouraging the child to sit down to write. Also, with these activities, children improve other aspects such as creativity, grammar, and spelling, making their learning didactic and interactive.

10. Lead by example.

The example is the best way to promote the reading of the little ones. Children look for examples to look at and the first role models to follow are found at home, not only in parents but also in other family members. The interest in reading must be stimulated and instilled from a very young age. Promoting this habit of leisure and growth at home should be a task in which all family members are involved. Reading must return to be understood as a form of leisure suitable for any age and should become part of everyone’s day-to-day life.