Best History Books

History has left us great literary classics written by renowned authors, which have been maintained thanks to their excellent plots and literary forms that have come to position it as true literary gems. Saying for sure which the best history books in 2020 are is complicated since there are many that we could mention. Still, we have made a list with the most recognized and belonging to different genres for your entertainment in this careful selection.

Best History Books in 2020

Let’s discover the best history books in 2020 that attracts all aged people.

1984: George Orwell

George Orwell shows through this historical novel that bureaucratic collectivism lived in England during 1984. Through its pages, we will meet Winston Smith, a man who, tired of living under a controlling regime of each citizen’s movements and thoughts, decides to rebel even knowing the terrible punishments he can suffer if discovered.

Joined to the O’Brien Brotherhood, Winston realizes that he is surrounded by traitors, who, instead of helping him achieve freedom of their own, delay his objective. In this book, the author realistically shows different episodes of violence, confrontations, punishments, and more events that describe the oppression of totalitarian governments.

The Miserables: Victor Hugo

Being one of the best stories written by Victor Hugo, it tells us the life of Jean Valjean during the French Rebellion of 1832 through a detailed narration of the characters, sacrifices, confrontations, and other events that will keep the reader’s interest.

After being released and considered a thief for stealing a piece of bread, Jean Valjean is helped by Don Bienvenido, giving him a house, food, and the opportunity to become a good man. Although a life renewed, Jean tries to fight against injustice and becomes the caretaker of a small whose mother is a prostitute. The policeman Javert will pursue him to death, believing he still has outstanding accounts with the law. Living in a society full of misery and persecution, this story’s protagonist will find happiness in true love.

Anna Karenina: Lev. N. Tolstoy

In 1877, it was considered one of the greatest works in literary history that narrate the adulterous love between Anna Karenina and Count Alekséi Vronsky, a relationship foreshadowed from the beginning but impossible for both to avoid.

Although having clear the protagonists and main plot, the Russian author Leon Tolstoi includes other conjugal stories that develop in parallel magnificently so that the reader can understand and carry the sequence of each event. Although it is not an autobiographical book, Tolstoy indicates that he feels identified with each character’s particular characteristics.

Lolita: Vladimir Nabokov

Humbert Humbert is a forty-year-old teacher and Lolita, a twelve-year-old young maid. Is it possible that there is some kind of link between them? In this historical classic, Vladimir Nabokov describes this man’s perverse attraction to Lolita, a unique love shrouded in an aura of madness and tragedy.

Through its pages, the author also makes a critical complaint to the United States’ dark society, one plagued by suburban horror and plastic culture.

Madam bovary: Gustave Flaubert

Considered the best story since its publication in the 19th century, this fabulous novel tells the dreams of Emma Bovary, a French woman married to a man who loves her and with children, but still feels misunderstood and unhappy. Seeking to realize her dreams and calm her anxiety, Emma will give free rein to her desires, loves, and passions.

In 1857, Gustave Flaubert added to its protagonist a combination of rebellion, violence, melodrama, and sex, breaking the moralistic and literary conventions existing in the Bourgeoisie of the time. It presents a rebellious woman who does not resign herself to living under the norms and typecasting imposed by society.

The Little Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

One of the best books in history teaches us the true way of looking, with the heart. The little prince is a little boy who lives on a planet next to a flower and three volcanoes, but after having problems with the flower, he begins to experience loneliness, which is why he decides to escape in search of a friend.

In his escape, the Little Prince visits six planets where he meets different characters: a king, a drunk, a vain, a businessman, a lamplighter, and a geographer, who show him their vision of life when they become adults forgetting the wisdom and humility that is possessed during childhood.

Finally, he visits planet Earth, where he meets three curious characters. A pessimistic snake who teaches you that you can expect little from men. Instead, a fox will teach him the secret of making friends and will make him miss his beloved flower. Finally, in the quest to return to his planet, he finds a lost aviator who will become his friend. A beautiful lesson in friendship and heroism that will make us reflect on human thought.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: JK Rowling

After his parents’ unexpected death, Harry Potter, the protagonist of this story, grows up with his uncles and cousin Dubley, unbearable people who will make Harry a sad and lonely young man, but that will end very soon because his life has a particular purpose.

Upon being accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry will begin to develop magnificent wizarding qualities such as tricks, secrets, forms of defense, and skills that will prepare him to face powerful enemies who wish to ruin him. Together with his new friends, Harry will live the most incredible adventures.

As the first volume in an extensive saga written by JK Rowling, this book has become one of the most popular in history with many satisfied readers.

The wind’s shadow: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Located in Barcelona’s heart, ​​The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is the place where this story written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón takes place. It began at dawn in 1945, when Daniel Sempere is taken to this place by his father, there he comes across a book considered cursed that will drag him to a multitude of secrets buried in the city and the spell of books.

This historical novel deals with a tragic love story that is projected through time between intrigues and enigmas. An excellent option that takes its readers to live a plot full of mystery until its last page.

One hundred years of solitude: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Macondo’s inhabitants believe in an omen that those children born to relatives of the same family will have a pig’s tail. This is the case of José Arcadio Buendía and Úrsula Iguarán. They are cousins ​​and husbands, which has brought gossip from people who claim that they have not consummated their marriage for fear of conceiving children with a pig’s tail.

Because of this gossip, José Buendía fights a duel with Prudencio, a man from the region who dies after the confrontation. As a result, the Buendía – Iguarán family will bear terrible consequences for 100 years, as told in these pages. An excellent narration of literary history, written by the famous playwright Gabriel García Márquez.