Best-selling books on Amazon

As we do from time to time at, we take a look at the list of best-selling books on Amazon to find out, on this occasion, which are the favorite readings for summer 2022 for online buyers. In the ranking of the 8 best-selling books on the platform, we find a diversity of genres: children’s literature, self-help books, historical novels … and some of the most important ‘bestsellers’ of the moment, such as ‘All those things I will tell you tomorrow, the 22nd novel by Elísabet Benavent.

After Elísabet Benavent, who occupies fourth place, we find another work that revolves around mental health, ‘In case the voices come back, by the comedian, screenwriter, and television presenter Ángel Martín. In this essay, Martín narrates how one day in 2017 he went completely crazy; So much so that he had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital and tied to a bed to prevent self-harm.

After Martin, have more books that are sweeping Amazon. Joël Dicker’s latest police novel, Santiago Posteguillo’s book about the early years of Julius Caesar’s life, or the always essential ‘Invisible’ by Eloy Moreno are on the bestseller list. Are you attracted to anyone?

A lot of people have to die

There are still almost three months to go until the first novel by humorist Victoria Martín, ‘Se ten que Muerte mucho gentle (Plaza & Janés), is published, but it has already become a public favorite. Martín, whose podcast ‘Estirando el chicle’ is one of the most important in Spain, tells the story of Bárbara, a screenwriter who shares a flat with Macarena, an actress with whom she will go to one of those parties where another friend goes to reveal the sex of the baby you are expecting. But, in reality, what she announces is that she is leaving home and that she is going to live with Bárbara and Macarena.

How to make good things happen to you

Is it true that luck exists or can it work? What is real in the fact that some are born with a star… and others ‘starry’? In ‘How to make good things happen to you, the second favorite book of the moment by Amazon users, psychologist Marian Rojas explains that “happiness consists of connecting in a healthy way with the present”, overcoming the past, and looking forward to the future. Thus, the text, written in a didactic way, focuses on how to get to know each other and optimize our existence, setting goals and objectives, and exercising our will. Edit Espasa.

Find your vitamin person

We all know that there are people who give us a good vibe and others who are very bad; people who inspire us and others from whom we do not want to learn anything; people who support us and others who were born to plunge us into misery. Marian Rojas Estapé delves into this concept in ‘Find your vitamin person’ (Espasa), where she also explains the relationship between attachment, our environment, and a fundamental social hormone, oxytocin.

All those things I’ll tell you tomorrow

Elísabet Benavent has just published her 22nd novel, ‘All those things I will tell you tomorrow’ (Sum of Letters). The protagonist is the deputy director of a women’s magazine, Miranda, whose boyfriend de Ella Tristán de Ella has just left. Without recovering from her ‘shock’ from her, she begins to experience a series of jumps in time that will take her four or five… years back to repeat some of the most important moments of her relationship from her. Miranda will have a unique opportunity to relive those moments with more intensity or change them to experience them in a totally different way.

In case the voices come back

For almost a year, the story of the presenter and humorist Ángel Martín has been among the best sellers on Amazon who, in ‘In case the voices return’ (Planeta), narrates the hell his mental health went through a few years ago. With the aim of destigmatizing mental illnesses forever, Martín explains his psychological order of him that ended up breaking him into pieces and taking him to psychiatric hospitals, where they even had to tie him up so as not to harm himself.

‘The Alaska Sanders Affair’

There is no book by Joël Dicker that does not end up becoming a bestseller and ‘The Alaska Sanders Case’ (Alfaguara) was not going to be an exception. This is the third novel in the saga by writer Marcus Goldman who, with Sergeant Perry Gahalowood and young agent Lauren Donovan, will discover who Alaska Sanders really was, who was found murdered in April 1999 with a message in her pants pocket. “I know what you’ve done.” A fun and entertaining novel from an author who never disappoints.

‘Smash This Diary. Now in Full Color

Destroying in full color, a priori, can be much more appealing than doing it only in black and white. That’s why this book by Keri Smith, ‘Smash this diary. Now in full color (Paidós), which invites us to destroy, cut, break, transform and let your creativity spurt out… but with the full rainbow. Sharpen your colored pencils now and this summer, destroy them!

‘The Power of Now

Connect with the here and now, focus and honor the present moment so that the struggle and sadness disappear and life begins to flow easily and with joy. This is what the German spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle conveys to us in ‘The Power of Now. A guide to spiritual enlightenment (Gaia), a ‘bestseller’ that has sold millions of copies. His philosophy of him and his teachings of him, he explains, he wants to convey in a simple way, as an easy approach to meditation.

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