A guide to having one of the best trip ever

It is no doubt that planning a trip can be tedious, mind boggling, and at times appear unrealistic. However, with the right information about planning for a trip, the whole planning thing becomes easier and actually achievable. Not forgetting the money part where the burden of budgeting for hotels, flights, spa visits and so forth has to be addressed. When the idea of going for a trip is brought up, there is the where, what and other questions asked and they sure should be asked.

For a group’s trip, it becomes easy and simple for everyone when one is mandated with the responsibility of planning for the whole thing, while obviously asking for your input where needed. A trip can take less time planning depending on where you plan to go and the logistics involved for getting you there. Like cupidtraveler and other travel sites will insinuate, trips require detailed planning so that they do not fail to go through the last minute. Also, a lot of research should be involved; with offcourse the help of various travel websites and blogs so that all the facts about various travel destinations are clarified and any doubts put to rest.

There are a number of things if considered, can help with the whole trip thing and make it look like a small assignment. So what are some of the guidelines you should be following when it comes to planning a trip to that destination that could be Moldova or is it Bulgaria as per travel site such as cupidtraveler suggestions?

How to have an easy time planning a trip

Here is a guide on how best to plan for a trip the next time you are planning to go to Mexico city where weather girls seem to bring a lot of attention or any other destination for that matter:

  • Take your time when it comes to the budgeting part; this is one part of the planning process you do not want to rush forward. Budgeting is what dictates the type of vacationing you are going to have and if not paid enough attention to, things can go awry during the vacation or even before you get into that flight to Venezuela. Knock yourself out only where your budget can stretch up to. If it does not allow you to take a flight out of the country for a faraway vacation, settle for a more affordable get away retreat in your country. With trips, you can pull off a good one even with so little; you just need information about the right places.
  • Plan in advance; you cannot just wake up one fine morning and decide you are going for a trip. There is a lot to consider such as your time off work, the travelling logistics such as hotel bookings and so forth. If it is a road trip, do you have the right car or you will have to hire one? Are you planning on taking someone with you? Maybe a fiancée, best friend or your family? There is plenty to plan for when it comes to trips and travelling and that is one reason why you should take your time with everything.
  • Do not invite others the last minute; if you have to include other people in a trip, you should do it right from the start so that you can plan as a group. If not, do not be tempted to jump in people the last minute because this will disarrange your initial plans and probably make it the worst road trip or vacation ever. Who knows, they may even buy you out of your ideal vacation destination to another place they think is the best which means you may end up to a place you did not intend to be in the first place.
  • Plan for some activities; you do not want to go to a vacation only to spend the most time of it lounging in an hotel because you could as well not gone anywhere at all and slept at home instead. Trips offer a lot of activities for the goers, most of which are captivating and fun too. Walk on the sandy beaches, soak on some hot Jacuzzi, go for a dancing spree in a night club, walk into a spa, sample some foreign cuisine, ride some horses among other many activities you can take part in. They do not have to be extravagant since some of these destinations like Jamaica offer free activities like glass-bottom boat rides.
  • Leave out technology or better yet tame it; while technology is the reason most of the things are easily executable nowadays, when it comes to a trip or vacation, do not let it get in your way. Talking of technology in this case is all about phone indulgence where there is the need to check your various social media accounts, the emails, the celebrity gossip blog and so forth. While it is not advisable to leave out a means of communication device while going on a trip, you can go for one that does not come with all the sophistication that is nowadays phones. This will give you ample time to relax, recharge and reenergize during the trip without losing focus. You can carry a separate camera for the photographs where a phone camera would have been of help.
  • Inform immediate family or friends about where you will be; this has nothing to do with being worried or paranoia, but it is what should be done so that in case of anything, your closest people are aware of your whereabouts.

Inspiring books about women who bought a change in the world

Sally Ride

Written by Lynn Sherr, an ABC reporter who wrote the detailed account of Sally Ride’s biography, the book depicts how the first American woman went to space and the things she had faced for making history and inspiring millions of women.


Authored by Helen Castor, the powerful and quite compelling novel narrated the incidents of women in power during the early periods of England had to face, from the point of view of six different women.

Sisters in law

Sisters in law written by Linda Hirshman is an eye-opening dual biography about the first two Supreme Court Justices, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The book narrates about the gender discrimination they had to push through in order to gain significance the male-dominated profession and rewrite history.


Stacy Schiff has created a true tribute to the infamous Cleopatra who has been noted down for all the wrong reasons and intentions in history rather than her clear and true intentions. The author after sufficient research has created the novel depicting only true facts about the Queen rather than typical misconceptions.

My Fight/ Your Fight

Written by the critically acclaimed toughest woman on earth, Ronda Rousey entails the situations and accounts of her darkest times and obstacles she had to overcome to reach the position she is in today, Olympian, MMA champion and Hollywood star.

Madam Secretary

A pleasurable and moving memoir written by one of the most prominent woman figures in U.S history, Madeleine Albright, the riveting book depicts her accounts of work and life she had to endure to achieve the first American woman Madam Secretary position on both of Bill Clinton’s presidential terms.

The Good Earth

The author Pearl S. Buck is the first American woman to be awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize award for literature. The Good Earth novel written by her is credited with the Pulitzer Prize as well. The book is based on the tales encountered by a Chinese couple during the early phases of the 20th century.

Life in Motion

The self-memoir of Misty Copeland entails the hardship of life she had to face at such an early age to become the first African American woman to play a lead role in the credible American Ballet theatre.

Ashley’s War

Written by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, the novel is about the true stories of Ashley White who was among the few women listed in the Army to carry out special operation missions. The thrilling and powerful book entails how Ashley and her teammates were assigned to gain information about insurgents from building bonds with their mothers, sisters, and daughters.


Credible and renowned music writer David Ritz, in this novel, manages to capture everything about the Queen of soul, Aretha Franklin from her early days to the days that made her everything and to the point where she was the first woman to be indicted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

My Beloved World

Written by the main protagonist Sonia Sotomayor, the novel is a powerful account of how believing in yourself and keeping faith despite hard times in life, can lead to wonders in life. Sonia Sotomayor is the third and first Hispanic woman to be appointed to the U.S Supreme Court.

I Am Malala

The remarkable true memoir of Malala Yousafzai entails her will power and courage for failing to be silenced on her right to education and the attack she overcame carried out by the Taliban. The memoir is written by none other than herself.