seven best books

Hand in hand with these books, young people can delve into reading with stories full of adventures and educational values.

In addition to the readings usually recommended by teachers themselves for students to read during the school year, teenagers can currently choose from a wide variety of books full of stories and adventures that will surely encourage the reading bug.

A Tale Of Violence

Nine years ago, Gabriel and Ton met at a campsite where their families spend their summer vacations. From that moment, they became inseparable, and even more so when they entered the same institute together. However, their friendship begins to suffer because of an event. Is violence legal if it is used to impose justice? Despite the opinion of his friend Toni, Gabriel believes that he does and is willing to prove it to him. For teenagers from 15 years old.

The Monarch’s Chamber

In this second part of the trilogy, the young alpha Kate spends endless days in Madrid with Castor, while she can’t stop thinking about the revenge she wants to carry out for her uncle’s murder. Also, an important codex that hides the secrets of the alphas has disappeared and a group of free alphas is preparing their revolt. Will the freedom of the free win against the power of the Monarch and his alpha investigators from him? Recommended for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old.

Arsene Lupin, Thief Knight

‘Has the reader never thought about what is original and unexpected that a group of beings who the day before did not even know each other go, for several days, between the infinite sky and the immensity of the sea, to share their intimacy and face together the fury of the ocean, the terrifying attack of the waves and the treacherous tranquility of the sleeping waters?’ Thus begins the new adventure of the cunning white-collar thief, Arsène Lupin, who travels on the Provence train. Lupine is able to change his address from him, his clothes from him and the way he writes, he knows all the secret passageways and warns his victims before he robs them. He is a thief but, first and foremost, he is a gentleman. This special edition recommended for ages 12 and up, includes photos from the popular Netflix series starring actor Omar Sy.

21 Days: Always Get Up And Try To Be Happy!

When Lisa and Ale meet again during summer, the friendship and the projects that they left behind years ago resurface. However, there is something different about Ale. A kept secret from an old August will disturb Lisa’s serenity. In this graphic novel, the young protagonist will try to find out the whole truth about what happened that summer at the lake and, to do so, she has 21 days: the time before her old friend de Ella leaves again, probably forever. Recommended age from 12 years.

The Light Of The Deep

They say that you can sail thousands of kilometers throughout the Myriad Archipelago, that the underwater gods who inhabited it were as real as the shores and currents, and as ruthless as the winds and eddies. One day they rose up and destroyed each other, changing the archipelago forever.

Through the hectic streets of a city Hark and his best friend, Jelt live. They survive searching the sea for relics of the ancient gods, but now there is something that moves restlessly, under the waves, and calls for someone with enough courage to catch it. From 15 years.

The Lame Princess

Esteban is a lonely young man who lives in harmony with nature and who, one unexpected day, finds a chest. Inside him is the hand of a girl, who will accompany him in his encounters with all the beings that come to the human world from the kingdom of fables. This book is intended for an audience of 8 years.

You’re Great

What if you could be great at just about anything? Matthew Syed was an Olympian and number 1 in the UK for many years. His personal experience of him is the protagonist of this book for people over 10 years old that tries to show how to exploit the hidden potential of each one and become great at what they set out to do. Matthew’s advice and guidance help you tackle both the most mundane challenges (passing an exam or acting in a school play) and the most daring (being a pop star or winning an international championship).

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