recommended books of 2021

“Sometimes a book is so special that you want to carry it with you for months, even after it’s finished, just to be close to it.” How right is this famous quote by the Australian writer Marcus Zusak, because whoever has read a book knows that sometimes it leaves an imprint that is impossible to erase. We have already told you about our selection of youth books, now we are going to focus on our selection of the 15 most recommended books of 2021, it will be good for you because you will have a choice.

Mac And His Setback

What to do when you lose your job? If no other comes out, reinvent yourself. This is what happens to Mac, an unemployed Barcelona man whose only task in recent weeks is to walk around Barcelona and watch over his neighbor, a famous writer who ignores him. Chance wants Mac to hear this creator talk about his first work, Walter, and his setback, and how his inexperience and his youth led to a chaotic work that he prefers to forget. He does, but not Mac. The protagonist will recover the illusion thanks to his new mission in life: to take that novel, improve it and make it his own.

The Century Of The Revolution

After millions of years of history, the human being saw how the 20th century was his greatest level of progress at all levels. In The Century of the Revolution, Josep Fontana Lázaro reviews these 100 exceptional years, with all the relevant events that have brought humanity to the present point. From the demands for liberation at the beginning of the century to the class struggle, through the political evolution of countries around the world. Obviously, the World Wars have special relevance in the narrative.

Prologue For A War

Two men. Two realities. Two ways of looking at life. The ying and the yang. Emil Zarco and El Mudo. Emil, an architect who advocates for life, specialization, and the capacity for improvement of the human being. The Mute, the lonely one who just wants to see the world burn. What will bridge the separate paths of these two very nonsense men? Simple: the love of a woman.

The Negotiable Life

A hairdresser and its clients are the perfect excuses that Hugo Bayo, the protagonist of La Vida negotiable, finds to tell his story to whoever wants to listen to it. A story that has Madrid as the setting and a 40-year-old as the narrator. This hairdresser will remember his complicated relationship with his mother, his first loves, as well as his first love failures, as well as his ability to adapt to circumstances. A playboy with a pair of noses who keeps looking for his place in the world and who, while he finds it, he tells people about it.

Although They Walk Through The Valley Of Death

This story by Álvaro Colomer, as hard as it may seem, is based on real events that occurred in the Iraq War. The Spanish Plus Ultra Brigade, destined for the battle of Najaf, is the protagonist of a story that begins with an assault that, things in life, comes a year after Zapatero, after winning the 2003 elections, withdraws the troops from Iraq. If they were withdrawn, what was this convoy doing there?

Like Fire In Ice

Why do love novels still work? Simply because there are people like Luz Gabás who embroider them. Like fire on ice shows how adaptable love is when circumstances are not as expected. Attica and Cristela see their idea of ​​fleeing a hostile and outdated environment truncated when Attia’s father dies suddenly, and he must take over his hot springs. They will not leave but at least they are together.

Time. Everything. Madness

The famous news presenter combines her work as an informant with that of an experienced tweeter with hundreds of thousands of followers. Time. Everything. Locura once again collects her best tweets and selects them in an elegant and careful edition, like everything Mónica Carrillo does.

Chronicle Of The Marist Case

One of the most shameful cases in the recent history of Spain is recovered in this work. Chronicle of the Maristas Case narrates the investigation, the circumstances, and everything that surrounded a case in which up to 11 teachers were involved in a case of child abuse.

The Voyeur’s Motel

Gay Talese proposes with his work, an introspective journey into oneself. The voyeur’s motel is the perfect book to analyze ourselves and re-establish our reason for being, our goals in life. A book that, depending on the mood you take, can change your life for better or for worse.

Good Luck

Rosa Montero returns to win over the reader again with a novel that captures and engages Pablo, Raluca, and all the Pozonegro neighbors who keep a secret. Through Pablo, we will live with him the fall and the consequences of an emotional earthquake, his own, but also how one can face it and discover oneself, rediscover oneself and see where it can lead.

The Riddle Of Room 622

Joël Dicker’s new thriller has once again swept the sales list and they describe this work as the most personal of the author. As always – as far as this author is concerned – we find a literary work built to the fingertips, perfect, precise, where nothing is by chance and one remains glued to the lines waiting for more.

The City Of Steam

This book is made up of eleven stories, some of which are totally unpublished. A book that its author had designed as a recognition to his readers, to those who accompanied him from the Shadow of the Wind, and who this year has been a little more orphaned with the death of this wonderful writer.

A Perfect Story

Have you ever wondered how you love and what kind of bonds you can build in your life? Without a doubt, it is not a self-help book but this novel will make you live in your own skin love, lack of love, doubt, success, and the great personal question that not everyone asks. A book that seems to be drunk from the desire that gives one to live their story with the characters.

An Apartment In Urano

Fleeing from power relations, the exacerbated sexual desire that prevails in our society, and all the deficiencies and excesses that we endure every day, Paul B. Preciado dreams of going to live on planet Uranus. It is not just any planet, not in vain, Uranus is a god from Greek mythology and a very cold planet, the coldest in the solar system, hence its name of the frozen giant. How will life go there? Read the book An Apartment on Uranus to find out.

The Tin Man

A pre-adolescent love story, with two boys who know each other when they are 12 years old and since then they have become inseparable to fight together with the troubles of life, among which there is everything, including the mistreatment of a father with a lot of authority, or riding cycling for the first time and other experiences. It is a novel about life and learning.

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