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The pandemic could not be with the literature. This is the selection of the year made by the usual critics of territories.

The Contradictory Human Condition

In good novels, there are no heroes and villains but beings who attest to the complex and contradictory human condition. This is the case of ‘Un Amor and its story starring a middle-class girl who is in low hours. After she has been fired from her job for a dishonorable reason and has been forced to land in a lost and sad rural town, La Escapa. Where she survives by paying cheap rent thanks to a precarious job as a translator. Natalia – that’s the name of that successful antiheroine – has, in the face of society, existence, and the townspeople themselves, a hypercritical sense that fades into the sordid, sexual, and unequal relationship that begins with Andreas, a socially outcast of origin Kurdish. With a magnificent contained and realistic style, Mesa reveals all the contradictions of these two characters.

End Of Season

In this excellent novel, a couple from 1977 Spain who does not yet want fatherhood travels furtively from the Extremaduran city of Plasencia, where he lives, to Portugal so that she interrupts her pregnancy in a clinic. A road accident that only the girl manages to survive makes her change her mind and choose to have the child, in which she will look for an emotional substitute for the dead boyfriend.

The Cheerful Ones

narrative books in Spanis Cheerful

In this novel, Ginés Sánchez fables about a feminist dystopia set in an imaginary city of twenty million inhabitants that could be the capital of any Latin American country and where violence against women takes on a structural dimension and character that forces a group of them to go further from social protest and move to the action of a paramilitary organization.

Family Book

In this autobiographical novel, Galder Reguera pays tribute to his father. They died the same day his mother found out she was pregnant and when the family was preparing to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 1974. The book goes from the narration of those events to a long after he became an adult. And he does it with a realism glued to the ground of emotions that keeps the reader in suspense.

Like Dust In The Wind

The Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, 2015 Princess of Asturias Award for Literature. Portrays two generations in this novel: his, born in the 1950s. Who grew up in Castroism accessing university studies, and that of their children. In other words, that of the grandchildren of the Revolution. Who are already unaware that there was a Berlin Wall. And the Soviet Union with which their people felt that they were twinned.

The Devil In The Mirror

Although born in Tegucigalpa, Horacio Castellanos Moya is the benchmark of a narrative like the Salvadoran one. Who did not participate in the commercial dissemination of the ‘boom’. The recovery of this excellent novel, which denounces the high degree of corruption in that country with the murder of a lady of the upper bourgeoisie in which sex and politics concur, is a beginning of rectification of this unjust ignorance.

The Forest Of The Four Winds

A search engine for missing works of art is interested in some bishop’s rings of which all trace was lost in the s. XIX. María Oruña intermingles a temporary plane that takes place today with the story of a young woman. Who almost 200 years ago wanted to become a doctor. She will have to fight tradition. The current investigator will need to find out why a tour guide who may have known about the rings was killed.

How Much I Loved You

In this novel, Eduardo Sacheri tells the story of a conventional style. Effluent middle-class girl from Buenos Aires who falls in love with her sister’s boyfriend without breaking up with the man she is engaged to. The 50s of the last century pass, in which the figure of Perón unleashed great passions in that country. Peronism appears here treated, however, in a more sociological than political aspect.

Good Luck

A man with an absent-minded appearance who enjoys a high social and professional status related to architecture sees, from the window of the AVE in which he travels to Malaga, a dilapidated balcony with a typical butane bottle and a ‘for sale’. That image, which does not seem at all suggestive, prompts him to get off at the next station and embark on an adventure that will change his life.

The Evil Of Corcyra

In this twelfth novel of the well-known black series by Lorenzo Silva, Virginia Chamorro is wounded in a shooting. And Rubén Bevilacqua faces the discovery of the body of a man who served in the past sentence for collaboration with ETA. The case forces the agent to return to the Intxaurrondo Barracks. Where he was stationed for three years at the end of the 1980s and to relive the hard ‘lead years’.

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