mini book yourself at home

Do you want to surprise a friend or family member with an incredible gift? Mini-books can be a good choice. It is a simple craft to do in which with cardboard and thread, you can get a different and very nice gift. Inside the book, you can add some phrases, memories, or funny drawings. It will be a very personal and emotional gift! Keep reading this article, we tell you how to make a mini-book step by step.

How to make a mini-book?

The materials you need to make a mini-book are:

  • A piece of cardboard that is hard but not corrugated
  • Plain white paper sheets
  • A piece of thin rope or cord
  • Needle
  • Pin, bug, or pin
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Step 1

The first step is to cut a rectangle out of cardboard, 2.5 cm high by 4.5 cm wide. This will provide the structure for the cover of your book.

Step 2

Locate the center of the rectangle and mark it from top to bottom with the pencil. Hold the ruler across this line, and make a mark 1.5mm from each side of the line. Then mark these lines on each side of the center from top to bottom, using a pencil. You now have 3 lines in total. The two outer lines are 1.5 mm away from the centerline.

Step 3

Fold the cardstock along the marked lines to form the cover of your small book. Do not double along the centerline.

Step 4

Cut rectangles from plain white (printer) paper that are 2.2 cm high by 3.8 cm wide. If you have access to a paper cutter much better, you can stack the sheets and cut them all at once. With about 10 small sheets for your book is fine.

Step 5

Fold the stack of 10 sheets in half. These are the pages of your book.

Step 6

Align the centers of the pages with the center of the card stock cover. Use a pin, thumbtack, or nail to poke 3 holes in the vertical center.

Step 7

Thread a needle and tie a knot with a white thread or thin string. Sew through the top hole, the middle hole, and the bottom hole.

Step 8

Follow a second sewing pattern. Bring the needle up and pass it through the center hole, then through the top hole, etc. If you are using thin yarn, you may want to do this in the shape (or pattern) of 8 a couple more times before tying the knot. Pass the thread through itself in the back a couple of times to tie the stitches, then cut the excess thread.

Did you like this craft? It is ideal for giving to your friends.