10 inspiring books

There are plenty of inspiring books out there, especially in the self-help field, but the ones below are really going to spark your thinking.

The Art Of Not Embittering Life

inspiring books change your life

It is a perfect book to read if you are in a moment of your life full of negativity or downturn. It will give you the energy you need to relativize and see everything differently. Rafael Santandreu (do you know his blog Ser Feliz? ) reveals the concept of “terribilitis”, one of the most common ills of our time. After reading this book, you will understand that few things are terrible or serious in this life.

Let Me Tell You

Any book by Jorge Bucay will help us think about questions that we don’t usually ask ourselves. The good thing is that it does so through short stories, very entertaining, with a moral, that activate unexpected corners of our thinking and reasoning. Another highly recommended Bucay book, especially for children, is The Chained Elephant.

The Magic Of Order

Neither your house (nor your life) will be the same when you discover the KonMari method. It is not only about learning to order and throw things in your house, but you will learn to do the same with all aspects of your life: relationships, purchases, activities that we do out of obligation… Questions that you are going to ask yourself after reading this book: does this object bring me joy? Does this relationship bring me something? Do I really need this piece of clothing? Why do I have to meet someone if I don’t feel like it?

The Nine Revelations

This book is written in the form of a novel and has been such a boom since its publication that they have even made a movie. The 9 revelations that he presents to us undoubtedly change the vision we have of the present and the one we have of the future. You will discover new things about yourself. Guaranteed.

The Four Agreements

A book to give away and never fail. Dr. Miguel Ruiz has a maxim: there is no reason to suffer in this life, if you do, it is because you have chosen to do so. We are not going to give you spoilers, but the 4 agreements that you will make with yourself after reading this book are going to be etched on you forever.

The Female Brain

In an ideal world, all men and women would read this book. This way they would learn that the female and male brains are different and that is reflected in the way we behave. A classic of the literature on the genre.

Your Incorrect Zones

If you are going through a bad time, this is your book. It makes you reflect on what you really want in your life. It helps to clear the mind and reprogram your way of thinking. Several Amazon reviews state that they have it on the nightstand permanently as if it were the Bible.

The Second Sex

It is THE quintessential feminist BOOK of the 20th century, which has inspired much of the feminist literature that has come after. After reading it, you consider aspects about women that you had never thought about before. Her most famous phrase: “You are not born a woman: you become one.”

Kiss Me A Lot

Many moms have changed their way of seeing and approaching motherhood after reading pediatrician Carlos González. It is essential to understand how children work and their way of thinking. Full of funny anecdotes, it encourages us not to let our baby cry, to hold him in our arms and love him and kiss him a lot. Educating is not domesticating.

Quitting Smoking Is Easy If You Know How

When a book has the ability to improve your health, it is definitely a book that changes lives. Since 1985, this book has been helping millions of people quit smoking without undue trauma. Get you to see smoking as a psychological trap that keeps you hooked.

Some are universal, to read at any time of our lives since they are included in the field of psychology in general. Others are for certain times of our lives: motherhood or if we are trying to quit smoking. Most are very easy to read and won’t weigh you down at all.

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